Federated Commonwealth of Malatora
2014, December...
"FedCom" (now also known as Viridia) is developing a series of sweeping website and forum updates, which may soon result in an entirely new self-hosted website and forums, independent of any existing service provider.

This website is also grossly out-of-date; we apologize for the lack of updates.
2011, June 3
A new immigration policy is put in effect: individuals that haven't visited the forums in more than a year will have their application to immigrate cancelled.  They can re-apply at any time.  This has reduced FedCom's population by about a dozen people, but strengthened the core group (population reduced from 65 to 51).
2011, March 20
Major website revision published — version 6 (current version).
2011, March 6 2011, February 25
The design for Tatsu Eyrie has been modified to become a branch of Citadel Base.
2011, February 21
The Code of Malatora has been altered by the People's Assembly, to reflect changing ideals: code number 7, which previously said "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one." now says "One for all, and all for one."
2011, February 12 2011, January
Following a sucessful campaign on DeviantArt, FedCom's population nearly doubles, within a month.
2011, January 9
Population milestone achieved: 40.  FedCom's active population in our forums exceeds 50%.
2011, January 5
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