Federated Commonwealth of Malatora
Project Status
• Research ongoing
• Analytic studies
• Part design begun
• Materials selected
Estimated completion:
25 years from now
Project Overview:
The Cytran Project is a transhumanist research and development program, with the ultimate goal of creating cybernetic total-body prosthetics for people who desire or need them.  This will not only restore full function to an extremely wide selection of disabled people, but also provides a means for individuals to customize their physical appearance, and make their external appearance match their inner self-image — the body can, at last, match the soul.

The word "cytran" is a portmanteu of the phrase "Cybernetic Transplantation".
How it works:
The first step to creating a cytran is the careful extraction of the entire central nervous system from the organic body, maintaining full life-support and keeping the organ healthy and intact throughout the surgery.  Step 2 involves placing the brain inside a self-contained life-support system (commonly called the "braincase") that will perfectly mimic the natural environment and protect the brain, while providing essential oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and waste filtration, just as the organic body would.  Step 3 is to attach a dense grid of electrodes, establishing a brain-computer interface sensitive enough to pick up every nerve impulse that commands muscles to move; a second set of electrodes will allow the computer to send sensory data to the brain.  Once input/output is established, and the computer is diligently translating data into a format the brain can understand, and reading the brain's responses, the braincase is hermatically sealed, and installed into the cybernetic body.

From the perspective of the person becoming a cytran, they should go in for surgery, and wake up in their new body.

Becoming a cytran is strictly voluntary and optional, and is never a requirement or expectation for anyone.
Cytran Project participation:
83.6% of our population have
choosen to become cytrans
Usefulness to Society:
Please see models for a list of physical abilities that cytrans will possess.
Section under construction...
Benefits and Drawbacks:
Compared to humans, cytrans will have superior durability, flexibility, stamina, environmental adaptability, strength, senses, and longevity.  Cytran technology is a permanent cure for an extremely wide range of diseases and conditions that would be terminal for humans.

Cytrans cannot naturally self-repair (heal), nor are they capable of traditional reproduction.  There are proposals for filling these holes, but current technology is inadequate...

In a few centuries, it is likely that cytrans will be able to at least match (if not exceed) all the abilities of their organic contemporaries.

Once a cytran; always a cytran.  A cytran can move their mind from one synthetic body to another, but returning to the original 100% organic body is not possible.  Once the surgery to become a cytran begins, that is the point of no return.  Therefore, the choice to become a cytran should not be made lightly: it will forever change your life.
Requirements to become a cytran:
Participation in the Cytran Project, and the opportunity to become a cytran, are strictly limited to FedCom's citizens.  This technology will not be exported for any reason whatsoever.  Our reasons for this restriction are varied... the most important of which is that the risk of proliferation of this technology, for malicious purposes, is too great.  FedCom thus feels it has a moral obligation to maintain tight control on this technology, until such a time as the rest of the world has matured enough to use it with the same degree of responsibility as we do.

Individuals who desire a cytran body will be screened for certain personality disorders that could be aggravated to dangerous levels by the introduction of the power of such a cytran form.  These tests will be designed to analyze how an applicant manages stress, and judge how they will carry themselves when granted great power.  Those who display traits of arrogence, irresponsibility, and particularly narcissism, will be denied transplantation.  A handful of especially dangerous personality traits merit immediate disqualification from ever becoming a cytran.

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